Agenda Widget - Custom Theme - Cards

This is a quick how to so you can load custom themes into Agenda Widget. I spent a bit of time making the Google Cards style one below so you can use that to get started!

To get started you'll need to download the XML file from my Drive account: GoogleCardsUI.xml (select Download) or Dropbox: GoogleCardsUI.xml (long press/right click save link). I would suggest doing this on the device you intend to use it on as it'll be immediately available to load into Agenda Widget.

Once you have downloaded the file, open up Agenda Widget into the main settings menu. Tap the top right icon with 4 lines and a small triangle in the lower right.

Select Import and Browse. Now you need to locate the file on your phone. If you downloaded it directly from your device it will be located in Download

Select GoogleCardUI.xml (This may be a random string if you downloaded it from Drive) and OK.

Hit Import and exit settings, your Agenda Widget should now be displaying the new theme.

Any questions, comment below or get me on Google+ or Twitter

Download Agenda Widget from the Play store: Free Version - Plus Paid Version